10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Home remedy for fever

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Answer: Hi dear during pregnancy are immune system will be very weak so we get affected with infections are very so so it would be good if you take warm water which helps to reduce getting infections and also fever you can try taking Ginger juice with honey which helps to control the temperature and also you can try taking Tulsi, thoothuvaali, karpooravalli juice which helps to reduce fever
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Question: Any home remedy for fever?
Answer: Fever in kids are quite common,as their immunity is still developing.which also means their immune system is into action.whenever there is any infection in body,fever is the sign that the body is fighting against it.whichbis a good thing.so donot get panicked.calm the child by breastfeeding if you are still doing.keep.him well hydrated.ou can also give spoon of luke warm water in frequent interval of time. Put water cloth pads on forehead if the temperature is very high.give right dose of paracetamol syrup according to age and, weight of child.if the fever is not going down even after giving paracetamol,rush to doctor.usually in viral fever it should take 3-7 days to get over.
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Question: home remedy for fever
Answer: There is no home remedy for fever and it can be dangerous too. Better in any fever immediately consult doctor. Fever might be of several reasons Nd need medical attention and proper treatment.
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Question: Any home remedy for fever
Answer: Take a white cotton cloth dip in water and keep on ur baby's forehead for few mins
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