15 months old baby

Question: Home remedy for curing cough & cold and running nose

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Answer: Hie Make a mixture of ginger and honey (1:2 ratio) And offer him a spoonful every 3 hours Use nasal saline water drops to avoid congestion in nose Application of ajwain potli in the chest area helps relieve cough (tie ajwain in a cloth potli, heat it on tava check the heat on your wrist if it's okay for baby and then apply it in the chest area
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    Sneha Tiwari341 days ago

    Also make a mixture of mustard oil boiled with garlic cool and store it in a container apply it twice a day on chest palms and feets and cover them properly

Answer: For cold cough and fever Give saline spray and clean nose frequently Give slight steam from distance Keep her rehydrated well Make her rest well Give medicine as per doctors advice Heat oil add camphor to it and apply on chest and back so block gets released
Answer: Take some tulsi leave add little salt, ginger and one price of kaali mirch boil them with water give the child two teaspoon in morning and evng
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Question: Running nose and cough for 12month baby home remedy plz
Answer: hi , Liquids work wonder.. Warm liquids make excellent cough remedies for kids because they thin out mucus, making it easier to cough up. Plus, liquids soothe a raw throat and keep your little one hydrated. Keep breastfeeding the baby as thats good. Also using ajwain by heating it up and wrapping in a handkerchief , to keep close to baby to inhale that aroma works very good.
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Question: My son has running nose since 2 day need home remedy for cold and running nose
Answer: hi dear, health probkems like running nose cough and cold is normal in this age. Taking hot steam bath, eating hot soups or drinking a glass of warm turmeric milk is effective in treating runny nose. For colds you can apply mustard oil with ajwain and garlic on your baby's chest Palm and sole. applying warm turmeric paste on chest and forehad & sole is also effective. hope this will help you
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Question: Suggest home remedies for cough cold and running nose
Answer: 1. Betel leaf slightly heat in flame till it becomes soft keep it on baby head and cover it with cap. 2. ajwain potli, ajwain or carom seeds have anti viral and anti bacterial properties. Dry roast ajwain on tawa or pan. Put the ajwain in a cotton cloth and make a potli of it. Gently rub it on baby's chest,feet, palms and back . Make sure the potli is not very hot. First, test the temperature by putting the potli on your wrist. Make sure that the baby must have a single layer of clothing before you start to rub potli on the body. Caution: Don't rub it on the naked chest of your baby. You can place potli near baby's nose or in baby's crib so that it can inhale ajwain smell. 3. nasoclear drops are a quick solution to get relief from the blocked nose and nasal congestion. It's safe and recommend by pediatrician. Put 1 or 2 drops in each nostril as this would help to clear the nose and it loosen up mucus. After sometime you can suck the mucus out by using nasal aspirator. Use of nasoclear drops makes feeding easier for your baby. Just elevate your baby's head while putting the drops, otherwise the liquid will flow out. 4. Garlic cloves in ghee/Mustard oil boil few cloves of garlic into mustard oil and apply it externally on your baby's neck,chest, back, under feet and palms. This remedy helps to cure cough of your child. Remember, the oil must be warm and not very hot. Mustard oil gives warmth to the body and garlic has antibacterial properties that helps to destroy bacteria that cause cold. 5. Mustard oil infused with sendha Bamako mix 1 teaspoon of sendha namak in warm mustard oil and apply it on baby chest and back of your baby and cover the baby with blanket. 6. Elevate baby's head your baby sleep may get disturbed because of blocked and stuffy nose. He may have breathing issue while sleeping. To make your baby sleep comfortably, elevate the baby head slightly using a pillow. It helps your baby to breath easily during congestion. 7. Make a turmeric paste by mixing half teaspoon of turmeric powder with 1 tablespoon of water. Heat it up on flame and apply the warm turmeric paste on baby's chest, neck,back. As turmeric has antibacterial properties it helps to get relief from phlegm, congestion and cough. 8. inhaling light steam helps to clear the blockage and loosen the mucus in your baby nose helps your baby to sleep better. Inhaling steam helps to open blocked airways. To give light steam to your baby, keep your baby in your lap and keep steamer near you. This way the baby will get sufficient steam. Continue it for about 10 to 15 min. Avoid keeping your baby close to the hot steamer as it could harm your little one. You can keep steamer near your bed and turn your baby's face towards it. You can also use bathroom as the steam room, turn on hot water tap or shower and let the door remain closed. Sit in the bathroom along with your baby for 10 to 15 min . Your baby will get sufficient steam. If your child doesn't like steam then you can use room humidifier or vaporizer in the sleeping area. It will help to keep room moist. 9. Warm the coconut oil and add 5 to 6 crushed Tulsa leaves. By crushing them, you will get juice mix it with coconut oil. Remember, the oil must be warm and not very hot. Gently rub it on baby chest,under feet, palms and back of your baby. 10. If your breastfeeding mom then you can have nutmeg (jaiphal) eat 1/4 piece of nutmeg it in night before sleep and drink 1 glass warm water after that continue it for 3 to 4 days. 11. You can also give steam after bath with coal add turmeric, ajwain, little sugar and garlic peel put them on burning coal and give steam to baby. 12. You can take one string of saffron and mix it in water keep it on baby's forehead. 13. Cold and cough could cause sometimes due to allergy. So try to keep the environment dust free. I am sure this tips will help you definitely. Take care
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