17 months old baby

Question: Home remedy for cough in kids

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Answer: Hi.. The best remedy for an infant is, applying baby vicks vapour rub on your baby's back, chest and feet. Make the toddler wear a comfortable pair of socks after applying vicks. Repeat this twice or thrice in a day. You will definitely see the difference. Also, for running nose use saline water (nasoclear), it is easily available in any medical store. In case you find no difference in twenty four hours, then see a pediatrician. Please do not use adult vicks vapour rub..
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Question: Home remedy for cough for 4 years old kids
Answer: Hi if ur child can eat raw tulsi leaves u can give it anytime of the day or can prepare a kashaya Take a glass of water add 6-7 Tulsi, 2-3 ajwain n 1 bettle leaves, lil jeera, 2-3 pepper, 1/4tsp dry ginger powder, 1 clove n boil nicely till it reduces to half n strain n take around 20-30 ml add lil honey n give this 2-3 times a day. This is effective for cold, cough n fever
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Question: Home remedy for conjunctivitis in kids
Answer: Hello dear Following are the remedies for conjunctivitis in kids: 1. clean away any discharge with clean cotton wool soaked in boiled, cooled water. 2. If your baby allows just use a handkerchief and make it warm with the iron and place it on the eye it will give relief
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Question: home remedy for running nose for kids
Answer: Hi, Runny nose in kids is very common during weather change.However, if it accompanies with itchy nose,eyes or ears,it could be due to allergy. Following home remedies could comfort your baby: 1. Steam- one of the best way to ease out any chest or nasal passage congestion. Keep hot water running through tap in a closed bathroom.take your baby there for 5 minutes. The hot steam would clear all passages. 2. Oil massage- heat some mustard oil along with few cloves of garlic and few jeera seeds. Heat till the oil turns brown. Let it come to lukewarm temperature,massage this oil in chest and back.also rub some under his feets.it works wonders. 3. Honey and ginger- grate an inch size ginger.squeeze the juice out of it and mix it with little honey. Make this lick by your kid. It helps to warm his body internally and since ginger and honey soothes throat,child feels comforted. 4. Potli- dry roast some ajwain seeds and two cloves of garlic. Wrap it in muslin cloth and make it like a potli. Place it where he sleeps. It will help in congestion. In general make him wear warm clothes,but never overdress the child. Let the room be well ventilated.
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