7 months old baby

Question: Home remedy for chest congestion plz

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Answer: start doing gargles and take steam 3-4. times a day
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Question: Home remedy for chest congestion... please suggest
Answer: My baby is also have chest congestion and cough. Tried Home remedies nothing is worked. Consulted pediatrician and giving antibiotics as advised. Now it's better. U also consult pediatrician.
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Question: home remedy for chest congestion of 2 month baby
Answer:  Before suggesting you remedies for his cold, I would like to point out the issues/reason which have infected your baby with cough and cold. First, keep your baby’s room warm. It shouldn't be too hot and dry. As dryness is favourable condition for bacteria/virus to cause congestion. Whenever using blower/heater always place a bowl of water next to it. It will keep the room humid. Humidity inhibits bacterial/viral growth. Second, In winters always dress your baby in layers rather than making him wear heavy sweater or jackets. Start with cotton vest, thermals, light sweater, jacket if going out. Too many clothes might heat up baby's body more than required and cause suffocation. When you remove his clothing for diaper change or massage his body comes in contact with temperature which is quite low from his, the sudden change in temperature can make your baby ill. Third, while bathing make sure the place is airtight means there is no scope for direct breeze to enter. Next steam the place before bringing in the baby. Let hot water run for while this will increase the temperature of the place. water used to bath baby shouldn't be too hot or cold. After bathing dry your baby completely, especially his hair no water should be dripping from his head. Cover him properly then come out of the washroom. Dress up baby immediately and breastfeed him. Fourth, before touching baby make sure your hands are warm. Now coming to remedy part- If your baby is suffering from dry cold and cough first thing is to get a humidifier. As dryness in the air make it more difficult for baby to breathe. Add 2 3 drops of eucalyptus essential oil to it or put it on baby’s cloth. its will heal the blocked nose. Next massage your baby chest with desi ghee mixed with sendha namak. Massage baby with mustard garlic ajwain oil. Apply nutmeg paste on baby's chest feet and palms daily at night. Hope this helps your baby to recover soon
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Question: baby having chest congestion...any home remedy
Answer: Hello, Dear give baby sleep at night after he sleeps . That is the best remedy. Just keep a steamer in the room and let it on for 1-2 hours daily and also put some vicks and ginger in it. It will help give relief faster. You can make a potli or pouch of dry roasted garlic and ajwain (carom seeds). Frequent rubbing of this potli on baby’s chest or under feet can help to reduce the congestion levels. Each time you use this pouch just heat it on a tawa. Do NOT keep or rub hot potli over baby’s chest or feet. Babies have delicate skin and hence using a hot potli will cause burns. Before you use the pouch on the child, ensure that you test the temperature of the potli, to avoid burns. You can use one or two garlic cloves and a pinch of ajwain. Wait for the garlic and ajwain to turn brown and remove it from the heat. Don’t let it burn. Use this to massage the chest and soles of the feet of your baby. Make him/her wear socks. This will help with the congestion. Take 3-4 bay leaves. Add it to water and boil. Now you can remove the leaves. Take a clean cloth and dip it in the water. Wring the cloth and check if the heat is bearable and place it on your child’s chest. Boil a cup of milk and add a pinch of turmeric powder/ a piece of turmeric in it. If your toddler doesn’t like the taste, you can add jaggery and salt / sugar according to his taste.
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Question: remedy for congestion in chest
Answer: Give him ajwain potli senk. It is very good in cold and congestion. . Ajwain potli or ajwain hot pad: Roast 2 tablespoons of ajwain on a tawa or heavy bottom pan for a few minutes until the smell emanates. Transfer the roasted ajwain to a clean muslin cloth and make a potli or tight pouch. Apply this potli on your child’s chest as hot pad. Do make sure it is not very hot, first test on your palm. The ajwain potli helps to counter congestion in chest and stuffy nose too. You can also refer to the home remedies for chest congestion in babies and kids. Ajwain and garlic potli smoke: Dry roast 2 big garlic cloves and 1 tablespoon ajwain seeds on a tawa. Once cooled, make a potli out of it. Place this potli in the baby cot or cradle where baby sleeps. The garlicky ajwain smoke from the potli would help to unblock the nose.
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