14 months old baby

Question: Home remedies to treat fever

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Answer: Hi dear, Though cold and fever is quite in babies,it really concerns the parents. Fever is a sign of body fighting an infection in body,which is good.the temperature rises when the body is fighting against it but there is nothing to panic about. Keep your baby in comfortable clothes.never overdress or wrap in blankets in fever.it can get worse. To lower the temperature you can apply warm water cotton pads on his forehead.if he's also suffering from cold along with it then fever could be due to that. Make him sip lot of water to flush out the germs and also to reduce the temperature.you can give paracetamol to your baby with the right dosage given by your paediatrician,if the fever goes above 100. If your child is active once the temperature goes down,then nothing to worry.if he's unwell even after the fever is gone,visit the doctor to assess any other medical reason.
Answer: Hi Dear! Fevers r natural way of body to fight infections but taking your baby to the pediatrician is important to find the cause of the fever and few basic thing which you can do is normal tap water (not cold ) sponging if the fever crosses 100 plus you need to make him drink more water (add coconut water n glocose or ORS).. Hopr this helps!
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Question: Please suggest home remedies to treat cough. My 15 month old is down with viral fever and has cough too
Answer: Hie Massage your baby with a mustard oil heated on a low flame with 4-5  garlic cloves Drain and apply when mild warm And ensure you cover him well once you massage him with the oil Also rub oil onto his chest, palms and feets and put on tshirt, mittens and socks to trap the heat. Apply ajwain potli on his chest area to relive cough Heat 2 spoon of ajwain in a cotton cloth on a tava Check on your inner wrist for temperature Dab in babys chest and neck when mild warm Do this for 5-7 mins Quickly cover the baby and put him upright and gently Pat on his back so as to drain mucus  reathing warm humid air shall help loosen congestion you may run a humidifier or use facial steamer to loosen mucus add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to it to ease breathing. Make a mixture of ginger juice and honey 1:2 ratio and give it to your baby every 2 hours You may also add a pinch of mulethi powder with honey or add it in his milk with a pinch of turmeric Give him lost of rest and water you need both to recover when you are striken with cold or cough
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Question: Pls suggest home remedies to treat cough
Answer: Hello dear. I am sharing some home remedies some remedies which I have been using for my daughter and they have worked always. For cold and cough...put some garlic cloves in a thread and make the child wear it like a neckpiece the garlic cloves should touch the chest it will help control the running nose,chest cogestion. Also u can make an oil to massage at night. Take mustard oil and put methi dana,ajvain,garlic and neem leaves. Heat the oil till all dese ingredients are golden brown. Let it cool and strain the oil. Heat the oil when u use it. U can massage the chest ,back and feet with this oil before the child sleeps. Make sure to make the child wear socks after u massage with this oil it will double the effect. Hope this all helps 😊
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Question: home remedies to treat swear nipple pain??
Answer: You can apply freshly expressed breast milk, apply coconut oil, if you have more pain can keep ice pack.
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