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Question: Home remedies for swelling gums in pregnancy?

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Question: Home remedies for Swelling gums in pregnancy?
Answer: Here are a few things that you can do to manage swollen gums and have healthier oral hygiene: Have at least one oral checkup with your dentist during pregnancy.Use a daily or periodic warm salt water rinse (1 teaspoon:1 cup).Brush your teeth twice per day, especially after vomiting from morning sickness.Practice good nutrition.
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Question: Home remedies for feet swelling during pregnancy
Answer: Hello! For getting relief from leg swelling, try these tips 1. Keep your legs on stool or raised platform. 2. Drink plenty of water 3. Go for brisk walk. 4. Don't sit or stand for long in a particular place. 5. Have a balanced diet. Take care
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Question: swelling in d gums.. any home remedy?
Answer: Haldi namak n Sarah tel ko mix in one teaspoon n finger tip se rub the swollen area softly. Keep for a minute n wash it. Keep washing he mouth with hot salt water twice or thrice a day
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