9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hoi, I am 9 weeks pregnant but my USG shows 7weeks 5days fetus with a strong heartbeat I am subchorionic decidual separation. Am in bed rest. I am diabetic too. Am worried any body have any suggestions

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Answer: 1-2 weeks difference is normal, don't worry about that.. Trust ur doctor and take proper medicines and rest...if u keep on thinking n remain worried it will harm ur pregnancy more.
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Question: Usg at 10 weeks 6 days shows heartbeat 167 but also a subchorionic collection of 2.82 cc but no bleeding.. doctor advised to rest.. m worried
Answer: Don't worry, small subchorionic hematoma will usually resorbs on its own and not have any negative effect on the pregnancy. Sometimes times it can cause some vaginal bleeding/spotting but It will subside Take rest Keep taking progesterone and other medicines if at all you feel abdominal cramps then you must visit your gynaecologist Repeat the scan to see wether or not it has decreased in size.
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Question: Hello I am 7weeks pregnant women. In my usg report it was written as subchorionic bleed is present. Is there any complication with that. Please let me know
Answer: Hello. Not to worry about it. That was there for me also. Doctor will suggest you some tablet. Just take a week bed rest and follow the medication.
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Question: I am 9 weeks pregnant .But my first u/s shows 7 weeks fetus is it matter of worried??
Answer: Hello! Don't worry, sometimes it happens due to late ovulation. Try to have proper balanced diet, drink plenty of fluids and take proper rest. Every thing will be sb fine.
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