12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hlw I'm 12 weeks pregnant and I'm feeling heavy in the left side of my belly .. is it for baby ? Or other issues? Please let me know

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Question: i m 28week 3days pregnant and my left side pain a lot especially during walking and movement.. i feel heavy in left side. is it normal?
Answer: Hi, Mild lower abdominal pain is common in pregnancy due to growing uterus to stretch muscles and tendons of pelvic organs.so sometimes it feels like cramps also.need not to worry.drink warm water and take paracetamol tablet if you have severe pain.if you feel any burning sensation while passing urine please visit doctor once.take care
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Question: Feeling bit tired in 5 weeks of pregnancy? Is it normal? Even I am cooking, washing vessels (min),and rest of normal work. Is it recommended? Worried abt plz kindly let me know.
Answer: Yesits normal ..due to harmonal changes its happen. You feel lazy as well .during this period try to take more rest
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Question: I have cyst in my left side. And I am 18 wks pregnant. While sleeping left side I feel so much pain in my stomach. Can I sleep in my right side ? Is it healthy for my baby ?
Answer: Yes ,plz change your position after some time ,zyada time EK side BHI nhi so sakte
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