3 months old baby

Question: Hlw dr. Can we delayed baby vaccination as its too risky to take baby to the hospital in this pendemic,if yes then how many days we can delay

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Answer: You can put vaccination before or after 7 days from the scheduled date
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Question: Due to the lock down in Mumbai, vaccination for baby will not be given in govt hospital till 15th may. Is it ok if the 3 month vaccination get delayed for approx a month??
Answer: Absolutely no problem.u can give later once vaccination starts.till then take care of urself and ur baby.stay safe and healthy
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Question: Due to current pandemic situation and lockdown as well, can the 6 month vaccination of the baby be delayed.if yes can anyone tell me for how many days we can delay the vaccination. Will it impact baby's health
Answer: You can delay upto one month dear
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Question: Can we give water to baby?? If yes how much we can give her water??
Answer: Dear my pediatrian said aftet 6 months 2 ounces watet daily is nesasary 4 baby.. dear try to give 2 ounces water daily if she s not ready to take water give 2 3 tsp water after half an hour .its nesasary its reduces constipation nd keeps hydrates too..i also give 2 ounces water to baby in 24 hours too .
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