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Question: Hlooo!! I was trying to conceive from last last year but still not get and I was getting urine infection like every month, I went to doctor 3 time but no difference please tell me what to do

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Answer: Have u taken full antibiotic course after urine infection? And have you again check your urine test to confirm infection gone or still present. If not then consult to dr and do this process. Drink plenty of water daily. Take lemon water or vitamin c Maintain proper hygiene. Flush everytime when you use toilet anywhere. Hope this will helps you.
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    Jian Riamei134 days ago

    Yes I have taken full antibiotic course, thanks for replying me, I will follow the instruction

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Question: Hi mom am married for two years now trying to concive but it's not coming we Went to hospital doctors change our diet still and last month My period came early n was not flowing As it used to. Please I need to know what I can do to concive please?
Answer: Hello dear ... you are trying since two years but no result. now you should do test all test of both of you . you should also take pregnancy support medicines always . do sex on ovulation time at this time while having sex put a pillow under your hips after sex raise your legs for 10 min . this will increase the chance of conceive
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Question: Hi!! I am trying to conceive. I am 44 years. The last 2 months ,i take ovables tablet and clomiphen 50 mg, .but im not pregnant. Please can you help me?which medicine is best for getting conceive.
Answer: Age is a factor please take follicular test to check Nobita a bruisin healthy is or not otherwise natural pregnancy will not possible. Eat light and keep yourself hydrated. Maintain healthy diet along with active Lifestyle to increase your chances of pregnancy.
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