1 months old baby

Question: Hlo to all. Actually my baby is 1 month old but he is not take my feed.

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Answer: Hello dear, hope you and ur baby are doing well. If he not take feed then may be ur baby feels not good.. So try to figure out.. Is ur baby always not feed? Or is this time?
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Question: Hey Moms my baby is 10 months old now but he is not eating any healthy food he is on Breestfeed even not take botel feed
Answer: first start with puree form....see what ur baby likes ..sweet ,sour ,spicy..give him different food taste ..and observe what he is liking.......adding flavours of his taste in food will increase his intake of food..try it when he is hungry..its my experience...do try it .. try it by giving sweet apple puree..banana etc.....
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Question: Hlo mam...my baby is 13 days old...but he is not taking breast feed...what to do
Answer: Dear don't lose heart keep trying to offer... if you are getting the milk then you can even express and give it separately to the baby in a spoon.. you can even try to put some ice on the nipple and put it deeper into the babys mouth . if not then you can give formula milk.
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Question: Hlo...my baby is 8 days old but he is not feeding.what should i do??
Answer: Hand express your milk and feed the baby. New babies sometimes take time to start sucking. Also check with paed for tied tongue problem with the baby which makes it difficult for them to suck.Best is you can also use breast pump, manual or electric to pump milk.
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