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Question: hlo my delivery date is today 5 march 2019 three days ago when doctor checked my haemohlobin it was found that its 1 lakh so they waited and checked next day its reduced to 74 thousand i take medication and after two days its goes to 94 thousand but after one day today again its 90 thousand i.really cant understand what to do why its happening pls help.me

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Answer: hi dear! its not hemoglobin that you are talking about as hemoglobin si never 1 lakh and its always around 12-13 for pregnant women dear. so i think its the platelets count that you are talking about. there are 6-7 out of 100 women who have these low platelet. platelets help for blood clotting . and normally it getting low can be a little problem . but your is not very low. 90 is still ok. also you should check for high bp if you have high bp. i am sure your doctor might have told you to do one more report dear. so do it from another lab and then we see. and did you see your report did it mention that your platelets are larger in size if yes then this value can be ignored dear. take care.
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Question: Heard heart beat 13days before and my weight was 66.5 and have doctor appointment after three days suddenly today i checked by weight its 64kg. I losse weight instead of gaining. Ya reduced my meals bz of nausea and gas problem. Am worried now kindly reply
Answer: No need to worry there is no problem in losing weight in your first trimester because of your problems from your second trimester you gain weight and baby also increases weight by second trimester you get reduced with the problems have good food
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Question: Hello, my 5 months old baby was passing greenish watery stools for last 3-4 days.. and i was suffering from cold and fever for last 4 days and was on medication. So we had checked with paediatrician and he prescribed Enterogermina for 3 days.. After taking this he is passing motion 3 to 4 times a day but before he goes only once daily.. Is it normal? Should we check with doctor again or wait for the dosage to complete.
Answer: Greenish stools means infection. Passing stools 6-7 times a day in very nomral for babies as long as they are pssing normal stools. They should not pass lose motions Otherwise its normal passing stools 6-7 times also.
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Question: I m having frequent urination within 5-10 min so ce last two days. In fact after urinating also I m feeling like its not finished and its happening all day n night. My sugar is OK and I dnt fell any burning, irritation also in vagina. I dnt understand what to do why it is happening and what to do.
Answer: If u feel pain and burning sense along with frequent urination thn... That might be UTI... So consult ur doc. Acc to ur doc.advice take medicine... N drink plenty of water and orange juice... It will help to relief.
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