3 years old baby

Question: Hlo Mom my son is 3 year old. At first his colour was fair but now he is becoming black day by day ...what should I do?? Can I use sunscreen.

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Answer: Ur query is answered twice dear....the birth color is not the actual color but the color which ur baby is getting now Is the actual color and the color of baby depends on the parents and genes....so, don't worry...just focus on baby health and diet
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Question: hello Mom at first my son was fair but now he is becoming black day by day...what should I do please suggest me?? can I use sunscreen.
Answer: Already answered ur query dear...baby color depends on his parents and genes....so, don't worry about his color but focus on his health and diet
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Question: Hi Mom...my son is 3 year old. At first his colour was nice but now he is becoming black day by day...Pls suggest me what should I do?? ..can I use sunscreen.
Answer: Baby's skin texture mainly depends on the genes or biological parents. But after knowing this, then also we tried to improve our babys skin texture by trying so many things. Soaps, creams, foods cannot make babies fair. So please focus on the baby's health and not skin color.
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Question: Hlo ma My son is one year old now And is not working what type of drugs can I used
Answer: It's fine if your baby is not walking independently, you have to encourage your baby and make a practice of walking regularly. As soon as baby will gain the confidence of walking without in support we will start walking . It is better to practice with support to avoid chances of falling down.
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