28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hlo..in the previous consultation doctor said that there is not enough growth for my baby..it is only 23 weeks growth..he prescribed me a powder..and come fore scanni ng next month.i am very tensed..what i do?

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Answer: Dear in pregnancy sometimes some complications can cause less growth but dont worry just take the powder as prescribed by doctor on time and hopefully everything will be fine till your next scan..
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Question: I am in 23 weeks but yesterday doctor touch my tummy and said its look 26 weeks of growth... i am so tensed is it any problem
Answer: Hi,Dear every women s have different body's, some women's belly looks small and some women's belly looks big .Nothing to worry abht if ur belly s big .Dear take care of ur self go 4 walk daily 30 min twice a day. Avoid oily spicy nd junk food .take plenty of water atleast 8 to 9 glasses of water ,juices ,buttermilk ,lemonade, fresh fruits.All the best.
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Question: Message by Divya James: Hi all.... I'm 33 weeks pregnant. Today there was growth scan.. n dat growth is little less. Doctor prescribed me one tablet and a powder placiflow and come after 10 days for re scan. Is there any issues related to growth of baby's organ or only size? How to resolve this?
Answer: Ways please clear your doubts with your doctor whenever you have any doubts. Sometimes, if the weight of the baby is less, doctors do prescribe medicines thay help baby weight gain. The best thing would be to talk to your doxtor about your concerns regarding baby growth.
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Question: From today 8 weeks started, yesterday went for ultrasound doctor said growth was good but still no heartbeat. And said to come next week again.am very scared is there chance for heartbeat?
Answer: Usually fetus heart beat is felt in between 9-10 weeks. You still have time. As growth is good there is no need to worry. Be cool and bappy.
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