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Question: Hlo, i had normal delivery 5 days back, i had severe pain in my stiches, unable to sit and feed

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Answer: hi this is normal do not worry you can apply coconut oil which we have to give you relieve you should consult to the doctor the doctor may prescribe some ointment which will also help you or a painkiller which will help you go slow in your activities and take good rest
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    meghanchalkar99@gmail.com meghanchalkar99@gmail.com571 days ago

    Take steam or apply hot water... Its realy help ful. Even i did same and apply doctor prescribe ointment. Or take hot water and add poviodine solution (betadine ointmnt) sit on hot water bath for 10 min. Its works great. And take rest as much as possible

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Question: I had a normal delivery but had some stiches in vagina. Its 10 days now but my stitches are paining. because of pain i can't sit properly and feed my baby. pls give me some suggestions
Answer: Hello... Many women faces pain in vagina after normal delivery,to relive from pain can sit in a tub containing warm water and dettol,for ten minutes will reduce the pain and also apply candid b ointment in that area regularly for a week,it will make the sour to heal and reduce pain, personally me tried this, it will be more effective
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Question: Severe back pain unable to carry baby and sit I m taking calcium and iron ,pls suggest what else my baby is 5 month
Answer: Hi.. For mild to moderate back pain, a pain relief ointment works well. Gently apply it on the area to get instant relief.U can also use a hot water bag or a cold pack to alleviate the pain also have warm water baths as they help in relaxing strained muscles and muscle pains.
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Question: I had stitches on my vagina and anus post normal delivery, 6 days ago, now i have a constant pain and cant sit to feed, what can i do to relax the pain and be able to sit and feed
Answer: Sit in warm water, add dettol in the water.. do this twice a day. Apply betadin tube or other antiseptic cream (suggested by your doctor) on stitches. Roast waste of garlic cloves and take that smoke on vaginal area carefully.
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