6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hlo I am passing urine in every 15 to 20 min ..is this normal?

2 Answers
Answer: During pregnancy it's quite normal because you drinking more water eating fruits and all so it's common and of you have doubts take urine test
Answer: Yeah in pregnancy it's normal.
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Question: I am passing urine in every 10 mins is this a sign of uti or normal
Answer: Though frequent urination is normal in pregnancy, its better to check for UTI as well. Because frequent urination is the symptoms of uti as well.
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Question: my baby 75 days old.. she passing urine for every 15-20 min after feeding is it normal..
Answer: Dear it's normal for a newborn to pee frequently and after every feed. see mothers milk contains a lot of water in it which makes your baby Pee frequently.. so don't worry it's completely normal in there is nothing to be worried about...
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Question: Hi I am passing little little urine once in 20 min should i visit hospital? Is this sign of delivery?
Answer: Hii.. Yes. May be sign of delivery as your profile show full term pregnancy. You should definitely Visit hospital . Good luck.
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