9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hlo everyone.i am on enoxaparin 40 inj since my confirmed pregnancy.its bcz i had bleeding issues and premature delivery in earlier pregnancy.will this inj prevent all this??? Is anyone has had this injection???

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Answer: dear injections can prevent all days to some extent if you had complication in past but you will have to take a lot of care of yourself to be on bed rest and it will help
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    selony garg7 days ago

    Doctor has not asked me for bed rest.she has told to do daily chores without lifting heavy objects.but i do only kitchen work.

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Answer: Pimples during ur 1st trimester quite common, use face wash thrice a day to keep ur face clean, where ever u have pimples apply lemon juice it will give best results. Even I had pimples and did same procedure... It will decrease upto some extend... Once in a week apply curd all over the face 45mins to 1hr wash off wid cold water.. U feel very good...
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