31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hlo doctor . My blood group is A+ and. My husband is B+ . We both has same RH factor . Is it all right for my baby growth??? And what will the blood group of my my baby??

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Answer: Yes dear, this blood group combination will not affect the baby at all. Your baby's blood group can not be predicted. It might be A, B, AB or O.
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Question: What should be done if RH incompatibility as my blood group is A- and my husband's is A+
Answer: So you are Rh -ve,and your husband is Rh+ve.in such cases you would need one injection now and one post delivery to your baby.but if post delivery,your baby is also Rh-ve,then no issues.in Pregnancy also there is no issue,as unless you have any placental issue or having c section /accident,then there could be issue of mixing your blood with your baby's.so for safety an injection is given to you.it is not a matter of concern,if precautions are taken....
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Question: Hello all, me and my husband is having same blood group AB+, will there be any problem because of it? Need your suggestions.
Answer: dear if you both are having positive blood group then there should be any problem only there shouldn't be any mismatch between you and your baby then you will have to take and anti D injection later on in pregnancy in the 24 and 36 weeks
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Question: Me and my husband haf same blood group that is A negative any problems ?
Answer: No dear.... If your are Rh negative and your husband is Rh positive it can cause erythroblastosis fetalis....
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