22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi....What to do for low BP....?

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Answer: Mediate, dont take stress, do mild exercise. Have fresh fruits and healthy meal. Listem good music, or read motivational books..
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Question: What to do for low bp
Answer: Increase sodium intake by taking sodium rich foods, exercise especially yoga and meditation.
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Question: Low bp what to do
Answer: Hello dear If u have low Bp in pregnancy then u have to follow following: 1. avoid getting up quickly from seated or lying positions 2. try not to stand for long periods of time 3. eat small meals throughout the day 4. don’t take very hot baths or showers 5. drink more water 6. wear loose clothing
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Question: What should I do for low bp
Answer: I'm 3month pregnant i ask the during this period sex is good or bad
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