9 years old baby

Question: His legs are too weak to run.why?

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Answer: hi dear, you are having a 9 year old boy right so weakness in legs or difficulty in running could be sue to deficiency in body. have you checked on those lines with the doctor. Sometimes kids get growing pains and complain of leg pain which is normal but other times it could be deficiency of vitamin D or even calcium , iron etc and those cause difficulty or weakness. For this part you should consult the dr and do a basic assesment. Also ensure that the child is given healthy food as in this age they normally become carefree and dont want to have fruits , vegetables or milk etc
Answer: Hello dear. Ideally it should not be the case and if it is consult an ortho to ujderstand the reason. You can include calcium supplements in ur baby's diet and also physio can share some exercises to strengthen the legs. Hope it helps.
Answer: Hello, few kids will be weak , it's better you contact your pediatrician to know the reason.
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Question: I have 20 months old boy.there are unsual scratches or rashs on his legs which are itchy too.his skin is also too much dry.what to do.
Answer: Hi dear it must be happening due to baby dry skin. Make sure to apply a thick layer of baby after bath with soap .A drafter applying oil do give a last rinse of bath ti baby to washout excess oil. After than do apply a thick layer of baby body lotion. This will keep ur baby ski. Hydrated. Make sure to keep ur baby nails trimmed and make sure baby wear full sleeves clothes.
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Question: how to cure calcium deficiency in my 14 months old baby ?his legs very weak
Answer: Hello dear, give following things to your baby to combat calcium deficiency, he will surely overcome calcium deficiency soon : Dairy products Milk, cheese, yogurt serve as the good calcium source. Make sure to serve at least one serving to your babies with dairy foods. For kids who are lactose intolerant, non-dairy foods high in calcium should be given. Vegetables We include many vegetables in our babies’ diet. Including vegetables with high calcium content help in fulfilling toddlers’ needs of calcium, in addition to that fibers and other minerals also. The vegetables with high calcium content are spinach, okra, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and beans. Fortified soy milk Calcium fortified soymilk is also a very good calcium source. It is also rich in protein and vitamin D, which helps in easy absorption of calcium. It is also a good substitute to cow milk if your baby is lactose intolerant. Lentils Lentils or pulses like soya bean, kidney beans, peas, chick peas are all good sources of calcium. Orange and Calcium fortified orange juice This is yet another source of calcium. Kids who do not like the taste of soy milk can be given orange juice. Apart from Calcium, oranges are also rich in Vitamin C. Cereals You may include cereals rich in your baby’s diet for one serving a day. Brown rice, ragi etc are high in calcium. You can make some brown rice porridge mix for the times you are running short of time or a yummy ragi cake to indulge your child’s sweet tooth. Nuts Nuts like almonds are rich in calcium. You may give almond to your babies in powder form mixed in their food/ milk or even make some yummy thandai. Or you can make almond powder at home and mix it in your kids milk or porridge. You can also refer to the mixed dry fruits powder recipe and dry fruits laddoo for toddlers and kids. Tofu Tofu prepared in a calcium based salt like calcium sulphate is rich in calcium. Sesame seeds Surprised? Sesame seeds can be added to child’s diet by making some yummy sesame rice or even a sesame seed laddu. Fish For older kids who take non-vegetarian food, you can give them fishes like Indian anchovies, salmon, sardines etc. Eggs Eggs are yet another super-food that you can introduce in your babies diet. Start giving eggs only after you check with your child’s pediatrician. Take care.
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Question: His hairs are too less
Answer: Hi. don't worry. some kids are born with lots of hair and some kids are born with no hair. my daughter did not have hair when she was born . she was almost like shaved head. Apply pure coconut oil. Hair growth will start normal and it will keep growing. my kid has got long and thick hair.so dont worry.
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