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Question: lmp is 27 March.. My period length is 4 days.. My period cycle is 28 days... Today morning i got severe headache and i feel like vomiting can i knw wat id tis symptom..

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Answer: It's too early to detect anything it may be due to hyperacidity but to detect pregnancy you have wait for missed period also you keep tracking your symptoms which will able to understand what is going on
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Question: My period date is 4th march today i have backpain,headache,stomachache,.is it pregancy symptom
Answer: Hi if you will not get the perid of this month then you will check for pregnancy know the accurate results you should do the test after 10 to ,15 days of your missing period by using home preganacy test...if you will get positive results then you go for medical checkup by your doctor for confirmation...whenever you will do the test use the morning urine for the test.....Actually the preganancy symptoms are breast tendernes,mild cramps,very light spotting,sensitivity to smell,slight morning nausea,vomiting sensation. Thank you
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Question: My lmp 11th March. Now I feel tiredness, headache, vomiting like gastric and vagina also feel some progress also..i feel my body temperature increasing.why like this
Answer: hi dear, during implantation you can experiences early pregnancy symptoms. as you are trying to conceive there is a chance that you impregnated that's why you experiences alk these phsical changes.but it will be better to wait for your missed period and then take a test to confirm.
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Question: My last period date was 4th march..from today morning i feel vomiting n dizziness..4'5 times i vomitted..why i feel so uneasy..rply me period cycle date is of 28 days
Answer: Hello dear. This vomiting could be due to some stomach problem as if you had ur periods on 4th mar then this is not related to pregnancy symptoms. Consult doctor if vomiting is not stopping. Hope it helps.
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