2 months old baby

Question: Hi....my breast size is different from each other bcoz of my baby feed only one side of the breast...pls give suggestion for it

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Answer: Dont do this feed her from both sides equally
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Question: Size of my breast is different frm each other. How to cure
Answer: Breast size and shape vary in individual.. Do you mean that the size of both breasts are different?.. If yes... Try to feed both breasts... Especially the breast that is small in size...
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Question: My 3 months baby boy is sucking only one side breast and the other side breast is smaller .please suggest me how to make it same size.
Answer: Hi,it is important to make the baby suck the milk from both the sides equally else this difference is going to remain it is advisable to massage the breast before feeding your baby this will help if also not this doesn't help then you should Express the milk from the other side and feed to the baby is there will be difference in the size
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Question: 3and half month baby is fed only on one side for 30 mins in one breast instead of 10mins each on each breast. Is this fine?
Answer: Hello dear. No it is not fine and will affect the size of ur breast. It will reduce the size of the one from which you are feeding the baby. Please breastfeed the baby equally from bith sides. It should be 15 min from each side. Hope it helps.
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