5 months old baby

Question: Hi...my baby girl is 5 months old...can I take her to PVR cinema theatre?

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Answer: Loud sound is not good for small babies as they are developing different sounds hearing. Also theatres are dark places.. anything can spill on the baby by accident hot or cold by others as sittings are very close by. Better to avoid.
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    Arsh Nosh252 days ago

    Yes you can.. I have also went

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Question: Hi My baby is 10 months old. Can i take her to movie theatre?
Answer: Hi dear, I won't suggest out to take baby before 2 years of age.they have strong sensory organs of hearing too.loud sounds would startle her.it is not advisable.
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Question: Can I take my baby for cinema theatre.
Answer: Hi dear,it's not advisable..as large sounds can harm ur baby...
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Question: My baby is 4 months old ..can i take her to movie theatre
Answer: Dear i take my baby for movie when she was 5 months but i put cotton in her ears and honestly the loud sound disturb her alot and i have to frequently come out and go in again. so its a experiment you have to do to check but yes do put cotton in baby ear because sound in theatre is very loud for baby..
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