29 weeks pregnant mother

Hi.màdem.am 7th month pregnant. My baby weight 921grams. If any problem .and placenta is low level

Baby is all fine don't worry, but as ur placenta is low be very careful when bending over or climbing stairs siting standing, keep resting as much as possible
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Question: Hi...iam now 32 weeks pregnant...but my fluied level is low...if any problem??? And iam feeling my baby movement is low....
Answer: Hi dear, Amniotic fluid index(AFI),should be anywhere between 10- 18. Ideally 12 is good. But since your level is borderline,I would advice you to consult doctor.as high AFI could make the normal delivery difficult and you could deliver through c section .also low AFI could give you preterm delivery. low AFI has few reasons: 1- birth defects,which could give kidney problems or urinary tract issues in baby 2-placental problem.if the placenta is not providing enough nutrition to baby,then baby would stop recycling fluid 3-if mother has fluid early leakage 4- maternal complications like diabetes,high BP 5- dehydration Risks: 1- baby could not develop lungs and muscles well.as from second trimester,baby starts to swallow the fluid and recycle it 2- increased chance of miscarriage or still birth 3-preterm birth Treatment: 1- plenty of fluids to be taken.barley water is good in such conditions. 2- some cases IV fluids are administered 3- injecting fluids through amniocentesis 4- amnio infusion through catheter during labor Baby movements in down pelvic region could,mean the baby has dropped ,which is normal.
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Question: hello ,I'm 4 month pregnant, my hemoglobin is 9.2... how to increase hemoglobin level... if my hemoglobin is low there is any problem for baby...
Answer: while delivering baby it can be have issue take beetroot ,anar tamoto juices it will increase dnt wry
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Question: Hii I'm in 7th month and my placenta Is low lying..is there any problem and I'm facing much pain in my buttocks what's the reason
Answer: Hello dear If ur placenta is near your cervix when you're ready to give birth, it may block your baby's exit route through your vagina snd it is known as low lying placenta or placenta previa. Low lying placenta can anytime cause bleeding. So, precautions should be taken such as: 1. Do only light work 2. Avoid to have Intercourse 3. Take complete rest most of the time 4. Have regular check up to see haemoglobin level But don't worry as risk is very low in low lying placenta as placenta will move upwards as ur pregnancy grows. Hip pain is due to pregnancy hormones. Hip pain is caused because of the ligaments are loosening now, which holds sacroiliac joints, which connects your spin to the pelvis. While this joints and ligaments relaxation helps with birthing process it can cause pain im your hips, lower back and legs as well.
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