3 years old baby

Question: hiii...please let me know any mediicine, I am 26 Weeks now and bleeding is there from the left side of my nose. What should I do?

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Answer: How many times has it bleeded so far? When the heart starts beat fastly then it pumps blood fastly (increased cardiac output) due to which some vessels burst. Whenever it happens, look at the bottom, close the nose with both fingers and apply ice cubes. This will help you and also take proper rest.
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    priyanka aggarwal116 days ago

    Bleeding of nose nd gums is normal in this week....apply cold cotton pads

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    Mrs Noman114 days ago

    Mjy bhi nose bleeding hue thi itna blood nikla 10 mint bad thanda fridge ka pani sir pe dala tb hua band

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    nandini soni50 days ago

    Mai olive oil use karti hu , i think nose conjunction is the common problem in pregnancy.

Answer: Aap thande pane naak saaf karo or dhandi chizo ka istemal karo dear isse kam hojayega mujhe bhi ye problem hui lekin thande pani se kam hogai
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