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Question: Hiiii, We are two sisters and my elder sister is settles in other city. I got married to a guy who stays in the same city. We both are working. My husband stays with his parents. I have a 7 month old daughter and both my inlaws and my parents are very attached to her. Since the beginning of our marriage, I have felt that my husband always considers me as a care taker of his parents and nothing more than that. He has a travelling job and goes from one city to other, May times he goes abroad also. Whenever I ask him to take me along with him, he will say ypu have your job and who will take care of my parents. I can take leave still he will not take me with him. I feel depressed when he goes to other city and I want to stay with my parents for sometime but he will angry at me and shout and tell come back to my parents. I feel so helpless.

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Answer: Hey dear, you are an independent lady and I am sure you can always find a solution to this problem. You do not have to feel depressed or sad about it. you have a baby with you and your mood will affect her growth and development so, stay positive. I think there are a few things that you can try at the moment. First, discuss all your concerns with your husband when he is around, I mean face to face. If he has already gone out and will take time time to come back than choose a day when he is free in the evening maybe after dinner you call him and tell him nicely that you need to take care of both the families, if you are ready to take care of your in-laws, you will take care of your parents too Maybe you can decide on days like Monday to Friday you can stay with your inlaws and on weekends you can stay with your parents. If this type of arrangement works then decide on days with your husband. Hope you feel better soon dear!
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