6 months old baby

Question: Hiii my baby is 6 month 10 days old can i give raw apple puree because shes not take steamed apple puree ??

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Answer: Hi dear, Eatables for less than 6 months old baby is not recommended coz baby's digestive is very very slow he/she cannot digest solids or semi solids. Breast milk should be the only source of nutrition for him till 6 months. Giving food to such a small baby can lead to various stomach problems like loose motions, fever, stomach pain or baby can become cranky. Even Dr doesn't recommend to give Eatables to such a small baby. Wait for few more weeks mommy! 😇
Answer: Hi dear, u can give puree as raw will be tough to eat thats why best to give steamed one
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Question: Hiii my baby is 6 month 10 days old can i give raw apple puree ?
Answer: hi dear please avoid raw Apple puree all try the steam the Apple for 10 -15 minutes and then make it puree form.raw food is not good for the baby it can cause digestion problems.always give cooked food for the baby.
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Question: Is raw apple or steamed apple good for a 6 month old baby???
Answer: Hi In six months of age you can give steamed apple its better at this age..after some months means when your baby is willing to chew at that time you can give raw apple ok.
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Question: Hi Dr.. My son is 6 months old today. Can I give him raw apple puree instead of steamed one.
Answer: Hello! You can try to give him raw apple puree. There is no problem in that If the baby accepts well then good or next time try the steam one. Take care
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