18 months old baby

Question: Hiii moms how many months I will give paste like smoothie food my problem is my 1 and half year daughter don't take rougf food she like any food in smoothie form plz suggest me

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Answer: Try telling her that we all eat this kind of food. Or else start giving little bit chunks in food. Slowly increase the size of chunks.
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Question: Hiii moms..my daughter is 18 months baby she don't eat any food if am giving food to my baby she keep in to her mouth don't move jaw like hmmmmmm plz suggest me
Answer: Try to understand her taste, some bby likes spicy food,
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Question: Hi moms....my baby is 1nd half year age she don't eat any kind food like chapati, dosa,idly.. and also ragi java ,and also liquid don't take am forcefully give to my baby plz suggest me
Answer: Hello! Please completely stop giving food forcefully. You need the baby to be hungry. If the one is not hungry, he or she will not be able to take food. Do not offer food until the baby is hungry. There is no requirement for time table to be followed. Whenever the baby is then only feed the baby. Also stop giving liquid food. Initially hand smashed food then slowly stop smashed and like that. Encourage your baby to self feed, include in family meals, get colourful plates and bowls, it will attract the baby. Take care
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Question: hi doctor my daughter don't take sweet in any form and she did'nt take curd also
Answer: Hello dear. I had the same problem with my daughter abd doctor said nothing to worry on that. If babies do not like sweet you can opt for things which are not sweet. In cerelac she never liked apple cerelac and always took the veg khichdi flavour of cerelac. Also never liked suji ki kheer instead she liked daal chawal, idli, khichdi and veges soup. Curd she still doesn't like but takes paneer, cheese and milk so i don't worry much about curd. Hope it helps.
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