29 weeks pregnant mother

Hiii ...im 28weeks pregnant and I don't get sleep wen I try to sleep to my left side ...but my doctor suggested me to sleep on left...is it too harmful if I sleep on to my right right...please tell me ..i really feel uncomfortable to sleep on my lefr

Hi dear, Though, sleeping in left side is beneficial to you and your baby as in you it helps in preventing water retention,while in baby it is good for proper blood circulation.but no matter what third trimester moving around becomes very difficult.so sleep whichever way feels comfortable.but donot sleep on your back as it presses a large spinal nerve which could make you feel breathless and dizzyness.
Yes, you can sleep on your right or left side or on your back side but never sleep on your tummy side.
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Question: I have read, it is preferable to sleep on left. I try sleeping on my left, but I feel uncomfortable in my stomach. on my right side it is comfortable. Should I still try to sleep on my left.
Answer: Sleeping on side is good during pregnancy. It could be right side or left whichever position is comfortable for you. However sleeping on left is best as being on left side increases blood flow and more nutrients reach to your baby.
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Question: Hello..whenever i try to sleep on my left i feel my baby's kick and i feal as if my baby is uncomfortable or im pressing or hurting my baby..so i switch side and sleep on my right..
Answer: No dont sleep right. Left position is safe for u r baby n its growth also. More u have to sleep on left side for some time u can sleep right thats all
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Question: im 15 weeks prgnt i feel uncomfortable to sleep on my left side i can sleep only on my right side is that okay?
Answer: Doctor recommend sleeping on your left hand side. This position prevents the heavy uterus putting pressure on your liver, and continues to allow the baby to receive the right amount of nutrients and oxygen through the placenta. In fact, not only does this position not restrict blood flow, it actually improves circulation which means your body won't have to work as hard to ensure you have optimal blood flow for you and your baby. If you are comfortable in right side then no problem you can sleep.
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