25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hiii dr I m today I checked my hb and it is 6.9 and weight is not increasing what should I do I m much worried

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Answer: Dear if ur babues growth s normal nothing to worry abht ur weight.but ur hb level s too low as it shouod be 11 to 14 .I akso have same less hemoglobin s common problem during pregnancy my gyno suggest me iron suppliment and advised to add apple ,pomegrante and all fruits, green vegetables specially spinach ,meethi ,bathua ,beetroot ,carrot in diet, 1 glass beetroot and carrot juice per day.,8 to 10 soaked almonds wit 1 glass milk in morning . I try it is my hb level increase u can try it akso its helpful . Take care 🤗
Answer: You can take more iron rich foods like..palli chikki, dates,dry fruits, pomegranate and for weight take food r fruits r any thing for every 2hours.
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Question: I m 25 week pregnant my body weight is not increasing much what should i do,
Answer: Congratulations mam ,can I understand your problem, don't worry . find out what is happening to you & your baby on your journey to parenthood. It is not dangerous ,you more vomitings& avoid food may be you lose wait .you take bed rest.take more water& boiled vegetables, fruits, nut's, you like non veg you take mutton keema,lack fish, boiled egg's, increase you& your baby wait if no change or other symptoms contact doctor. Take care.
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Question: My weight is increasing but my baby weight is not increasing what should i do
Answer: Hi dear,for gaining baby weight u can eat dry fruits n nuts,keep urself hydrated..keep anxiety,stress away..stay relaxed,have a good sleep..drink fresh fruit juices..n d meal gaping should be short..Hope this will help.
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Question: My baby weight is 3.8 kg.m worried what should i do that not increasing weight
Answer: Don't worry, it's a sign of healthy baby. Normal delivery is still possible... Meet your doctor if they can induce labor pain
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