40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii... Today I have seen little brownish vaginal discharge but no abdominal pain but little more abdominal tightness.... I need to be consult doctor r wt....

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Answer: I think u r almost near ur delivery ...Go to doctor ...Take care
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    Geetha Ks352 days ago

    Thank u

Answer: ya go nd talk to ur dr.
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Question: Hii... Today I had little bit brownish discharge from vagina.. No abdominal pain, but feeling little more abdominal tightness.. I need to be consult doctor r can I wait..
Answer: Hi dear,its normal,generally it happened when old blood is not expelled through body quickly..so if u saw a brown heavy discharge..temporarily..then its not matter a concern..but if u show its coming again n again..then call a doctor..or it may be a symptoms of labour...so if u feel period like cramps along it..Then go to doctor..
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Question: Today i have seen little brownish discharge.. is it normal???
Answer: Hi,Dear Brown discharge is the spotting that happens when the blood levels increase and move towards the cervix during your pregnancy. It makes the area extra sensitive, leading to the discharge. Having sexual intercourse or a routine internal examination can also result in brown discharge or some brown spotting it's quite common in pregnancy . don't worry
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Question: I'm getting contractors but no pain, little brownish vaginal discharge seen from yesterday night.... Is that labour pains.....
Answer: Hello dear, brownish vaginal discharge is probably your mucous plug coming off... If you feel like your tummy is tightening and loosening then it is most likely that you are experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions..which is one of the ways your body prepares itself for labour and it also helps in softening the cervix..
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