7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii, this s my second pregnancy,now i'm 6weeks pregnant, my 1st delivery was C-section and now my daughter is 2years 3months old baby... can i have a normal delivery this time? Anyone pls let me know.

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Answer: Mostly previous c section delivery,would make the normal delivery next time difficult.the successive delivery post c sections are mostly c section only.VBAC is what it is called.vaginal birth after C section.if everything looks good with your reports,doctors will monitor, you more closely during your labour if you've had a caesarean before. This is because of a risk of the scar from your last caesarean tearing during contractions,utrene rupture,which is very very rear but possible.
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Question: My first delivery was a C-section... She s now 5 yrs old.... Now I'm pregnant again... Is it possible for normal delivery now???? Consult a gynaecologist, she telling that if 1st is C-section, then repeated C-section only....
Answer: Hi.. Dear there is a possibility of normal delivery.. However, no one can assure you till the end whether you will have a normal or a cesarean delivery from before hand. However, you can climb stairs and do squats as well, approximately 20 reps in a day. But, I can give a general advice, which is common for all expecting mothers. However, you need to take approval from your gynaecologist, before doing these exercises, because she aware of your case.
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Question: Hi I had a c section in my 1st delivery. My daughter is 4 years old. Now I'm carrying my second baby I'm 6 months now. Can I have normal delivery now?
Answer: Hi deae having normal delivery aFter c swc is called VBAC and it depend son so many factor like if u have good time difference of delivery with first one , there is no complications in 2nd pregnancy , dere is less chances of urs to have rapture od first stitch , also ur doctoe will be the correct person to give u proper assistant on ir as time time of laBour mainly decide the chances of delivery process. Take care of ur diet and don't go over or underweight
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Question: I had C section delivery 6 years back. Now I'm 33weeks pregnant.Please let me know if it is possible to have a natural delivery this time.
Answer: Yes it is possible to have Normal delivery second time ....
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