3 years old baby

Question: hii my second baby 9thmonth he didn't eat cirlec which food iwill give to baby

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Answer: you cN give oats, khichdi, dalia, moong daal, vegetables soup , fruit purees etc
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    Shilpa Tm Talurmath1 days ago

    U can try aptamil formula milk it's good for babies over all development it increases the Hunger it's good for babies gut health ND improves immunity u can ask ur doctor ND start

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Question: Which food can I give to my baby nw plz suggest me man
Answer: Hey glad that your baby going yo start solids now..keep it slow,introduce one food at a time ..I started with raagi slurry and in fruits banana and steamed mashed apple..lasted can give daal water,mashed runny khichdi,vegetable soups,porridge,rice kanji etc too..once baby gets used to eat may be later months you can introduce idly,upma too..observe if baby is unable to digest anything in particular and go ahead accordingly..
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Question: What food eat to my baby first he is six month old now??
Answer: The first food that you can introduce is start with rice and dal water, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrot Puree, vegetables and fruits, porridges of rawa or ragi. Make sure you start with one spoon and increase it gradually. Also when you start something continue the same food for 3 days and then change. Hope this helps.
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Question: 7 month baby what food to give from morning to night. He is very thin. Pls suggest.
Answer: You can give a liquid and semi solid food to your baby for example of secretory with Ali among the Rice Water homemade Cerelac and vegetable soup kind of things can be given
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