2 months old baby

Question: Hii.. my baby is not latching my breast properly, as the nipples are flat. hence I use syringe to express my breast milk and then feed him through bottle. But the process is very slow and painful. I am thinking to buy breast pump. Is pumping painful same as syringing? And will pumping increase my supply of breast milk?

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Answer: Use nipple shield for breast feeding. I'm having the same issue when my son was born. I couldn't fed him properly that time. So doctor suggested me to use nipple shield. The problem is for every latching we have to use it and sterilize it properly. And I did buy brest pump also. It is not that much pain, but somehow I think it may be better than syringe.
Answer: Use nipple sheild it is available in any chemist shop and by help of that child can easily take milk
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Question: Is breast pumping daily good for mother? My baby is not latching to breast nipple due to flat nipple and i tried with nipple shield which didn't work great so i started pumping and making her to drink through bottle.
Answer: Dear there is no side effect for mother using breastpump. I also used breastpump during breastfeeding time. But its important to latch baby because when baby sucks the nipple it stimulate hormones and increase milk supply but not latching baby can reduce milk supply. Try to pump some milk and pumping will make nipple come out and directly put nipple in baby mouth it will help baby to latch easily..
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Question: Hi... my baby is 12 days old. M not able to breast feed him properly as my nipples are flat bt havin breast milk.. i use formula milk to feed him. Through syringe i take out my breast milk in bottle and feed him.. today i got arnd 60 ml breast milk through syringe and i feed him through bottle. Is there any problm to giv breast milk as well as formula milk side by side?
Answer: Plastic shells are available in the market which you can wear over your areola & nipples. Breast pumps & other suction devices are available as well. As you said that you're having bm then you can 'Hand express' too. For this you just have to cup your breast with one hand & with the help of thumb & forefinger sqeeze your nipple where areola starts. Small drops of milk will come. Dont over do it. Pull back your breast to make your baby latch to it easily. You can V- hold too,for this you have hold your nipple with your fore finger & middle finger in a scissor shape,press down gently. Stimulating the nipple with cold water by touching it with your fingers. These are the various options you can go for. & most importantly if you have bm then feed your little one that only. I 've no intention to offend the moms who have no options left than to give fm but as you said you already have started feeding her/him both so just check the carton,its written over there that mothers milk is the best. It ll build up immunity in your kid. My daughter is 8 months & 2 weeks old & i'm still continuing her with bm apart from feeding her solid foods puree/ stew,etc thrice a day. Its tiring but worth it as far as our kids are concerned. Takecare
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Question: As my breast and nipples are so paining ,should i buy electronic breast pump?
Answer: Hi dear, Breastfeeding should not be painful.though initial days mothers need to get comfortable about the whole breastfeeding idea ,once it gets used to,it should be a pleasureable experience.breastfeeding could be painful due to the following: 1- improper latch.baby needs to suck the entire areola while latching,else the milk flow won't be equal from all ducts 2- milk blister.a little white, clear or yellow bubble or blister on the nipple or areola which will cause pain while feeding. It is actually a little bit of milk beneath the skin, and again can be relieved with warm compresses. 3-Engorged breasts .this is when the breasts are so full of milk they become hard and tight and the nipple flatten out, difficult for baby to grasp. Express the milk,or massage the breasts. 4-thrush or bacterial infections. But if any kind of pain accompanies with fever,chills and any redness appear on breasts should report doctor
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