8 months old baby

Question: Hii my baby 8 months old till now she is not crawling and when she is sitting with out supporting

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Answer: I do not worry if the baby has achieved its other milestones then there is nothing to worry because some baby do not crawl the Directly start Standing and walking therefore there is nothing to worry just give good massage today baby which will help to strengthen the muscles of the baby twice a day
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Question: Hi mam ! My baby is 8 months old. When she will start walking, crawling and sitting??
Answer: it is OK to be late uncovering milestones. babies take their own time as per the energy they have. give a good massage to you baby everyday. some children walk after the age of 1 and some miss the crawling stage
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Question: My baby is 8 months old but still she is not sitting and not crawling properly
Answer: Hello dear if you baby has started to set little bit also then by making him practicing offsetting will make your baby Pro in that for problem don't worry if your baby has also started to crawl little bit then eventually after some months your baby will start to crawl properly my baby start to crawl when she was 11 months old. 🙆
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Question: My 8 months old baby not crawling and sitting till now her growth is normal is there any problem...
Answer: Hello dear, there's no need to worry...as your baby learns to crawl and sit between 7-9 months of age...it may take longer and there's no need to worry... If you are worried please discuss with your pediatrician..
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