17 months old baby

Question: Hii mom's I got swelling under my eyes last month and after some days I get it again I consulted to eye specialist he told it's allergy ND gv some medication but it's not work for me my one eye get eye bag like swelling and now again I got swollen my right eye today I really don't understand whom should i consult. Once I went to gyn also she told it's allergy but one told should consult to skin specialist. Anyone can tell whom should i consult or anyone also facing this problem. I got this after 1year of my delivery. Plz gv some suggestions.

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Answer: Oh sad to know your plight dear..well since you have already checks with two doctors ,then mostly it is allergy..I wouod suggest you to get a allergy test done to know exactly what are you allergic to.so you can avoid that thing..take some cold compress to reduce the swelling..
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Question: My last period is on July 30th .Till now I didn't get periods.It happened similarly 3 months back. After I consult doctor, she gave medication for 3 days and I got proper periods . Before marriage also couple of times my periods got skipped.Last year when I had master health checkup, I was not having any thyroid problems. I am married 2 years ago and now we are planning to have a kid. I am not sure when my ovulation starts because of my irregular periods.Plase advise.
Answer: Have you ever checked if you are having the polycystic ovarian syndrome. Its quite common among the women now. I would like to suggest you to kindly consult with a gynae doctor about your irregular menstural cycle and take the preventive steps as quickly as possible. Practicing yoga and walking regularly and opting for a balanced healthy diet will help you to get pregnant.
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Answer: Test after 3-4 days if my god grace u get pregnant then meet any gud doc and discuss wid her the issue,,but I think she wl not allow u for surgery..still u discuss wid the doc she can guide u better.
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Answer: Hey congratulations dear..please get your first scan done between 6 to 10 weeks..I got th scan done by 7 weeks..
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