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Question: Hii...m planning for lmp was 28 th July cycle length 32 days..after ovulation I have brown discharge like spotting only when I wipe it..i missed my period & do home test I shown very faint line..but my spotting discharge is still continue till today & ihave lower abdominal & leg & back cramps stats from in early pregnancy spotting can continue for 15-18 it normal ???

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Answer: I think it is June 28th, you skipped the period of July months which is supposed to get in July last week., I guess Immediately get your HCG level checked, coz faint line indicates less hcg., your gyn may put you on harmones.
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Question: My period cycle is 27 days. It delayed for 33days this month. And on 33rd day, I checked on kit and shown a faint positive line again on the same day afternoon started bleeding. WATS the reason for this?
Answer: I am so sorry to say,you might have had chemical abortion.this happens to ladies who are also good in health.some ladies donot realise much as the period comes almost around the same time.but the bleeding would be little time chemical abortion is fine.but if you find it happening again ,then it needs to be ,do a routine test like thyroid test.inactive TSH won't support any try to.maibtain TSH below3.
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Question: My cycle was 25 days that is complete on 22nd of July but today I got brown spotting why it is
Answer: Well at times due to hormonal fluctuations,one can get such spotting issues prior to periods. Even I used to get it prior to actual periods.but it can also be sign of please check it out..
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Question: My period length is 28 days.. I missed my period This is 8th day after missed period I checked today morning but it gave only one line... Can I go for beeta HCG blood test now???
Answer: Agr apko lgta h ki Aap pregnant h to jrur blood test krwaiye . Good luck
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