33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii... Im 33 weeks pregnant.... During early morning or night time, when i sleep on my left side, baby is giving different type of strong and fast movements which im getting fear of that... Is that normal??? Why am getting that type of harsh movements???

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Answer: Ur baby is well developed at this stage.... And now it will have it's own routine.... At that time ur baby will be active.. So u feel movement harsh
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Question: I am in 6th week of pregnancy. All asks to sleep on left side. But I felt it difficult to sleep on that side. Why so?
Answer: It is very common and happened with me too. As days go, you will feel more comfortable sleeping left side. Also if you sleep left side, gas problem will be reduced and blood flow to the baby will be good.
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Question: I usually sleep on left side. But while sleeping at night I can't sleep on left side for long time. So I like to turn on right side. But my mom and in laws told that I shouldn't turn in sleeping position. The umblical cord will revolve around baby. It's not good.I need to sit and turn like that. But while turning I feel severe pain in vagina. It happens during night alone
Answer: Yes the pain while turning is common as the ligaments holding your uterus streches..which is normal..even I used to shift sides..no problem I too feel it's better to sit and turn to side not because the cord would wrap around baby but you could get pain .I used to take help of my husband to turn.as the pain was unbearable..
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Question: Hi my son is 11 months old ,he is not hAving cold,cough and running nose .but when i put him to sleep at night his nose is getting blocked and he is unable to sleep..this problem im facing for past few months..i dnt knw why and wat to do..if anyone faced this pls let me know what u did..it will b very helpful for me.pls reply
Answer: Hi...Give steam to ur baby. Heat mustard oil with ajwain and garlic and apply oil on baby's chest, feet, palm at night it will give very relief. Take care
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