30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii I'm 30 weeks pregnant from yesterday onwards I'm getting Lite stomach pain not continuously.... But feeling baby kicks as usually, is there any prblm for pain??

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Answer: No problem dr, minor pain ll always there till delivery. Having severe pain in that case consult ur doctor. Don't worry. Enjoy ur baby kicks and pleasure time of pregnancy.
Answer: I'm also feeling same
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Question: As per scan, started 9 week for me.morning getting stomach pain for few minutes after motion there is no pain. What maybe the reason
Answer: During early pregnancy there are so many changes inside your body due to this you are getting little pain in lower abdomen back you should take more rest at this time this pain will gonna decrease.
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Question: I'm 8th month pregnant I'm getting very lite white discharge is there any problem
Answer: no not at all !! don't worry about vaginal discharge and wetness , every 1 has different body and we produce different symptoms , evn I'm sharing the same as you are !!
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Question: Hello doc, can i give my baby any other food from onwards. As i can feel that my breastmilk is not sufficient for baby now.
Answer: Up to 6 months completed oñly you start with food until that you should feed only untill that breast milk or formula milk only
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