2 years old baby

Question: hii... i m 4 weeks pregnant, even after ultrasound I am not getting the signs of my baby. I am very worried please tell me is there anything wrong with me or the baby? Can I do anything other than ultrasound to know about his activities?

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Answer: Hi dear! You really don't need to worry about it. The first possibilty or reaction of concieving a child can only be seen after 6 weeks, which is in the form of the fetal pole. After 6 weeks, the pulse of the fetal pole can also be listened. I suggest you to go for ultrasound only after the 6th week. I know its tough to wait for it but please be patient the results will be beautiful. Take care
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    Sangeetha Muthuramalingam109 days ago

    Your LMP

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    swati36 days ago

    oppps dear aapne abhi ultrasound kyon kra liya.. plz aab mt krana after 6-7 weeks ke baad ultrasound krana chaiye

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    kashmiri36 days ago

    Do tvs

Answer: Hello I am in early stage of pragnancy. Can you tell me the food which I can eat (only veg). This is my first baby,so I am bit confused as what to have and what not.
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    Deena Venugopal18 days ago

    Hi, congrats on your pregnancy. This is my second pregnancy and I'm also on early stage. Try to include more leafy vegetables, fruits, milk or milk products. I don't drink milk so I use excess of milk products. If you can eat eggs, well and good or else supplement with pulses and potatoes. Broccoli is a very good thing to eat

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