8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii I am 8 weeks pregnant we can participate in sex????? Pls tell I am dout

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Answer: Hello dear, of course you can have sex during pregnancy.. there is nothing to worry about... It will in no way harm your baby... However, if your doctor has advised you to not have sex due to some medical condition then it's better to avoid it....take care dear..
Answer: Hi dear. If you don't have or had any complications in your pregnancy, you can have sex.
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Question: Hii I am 8 weeks pregnant we can participate in sex????
Answer: Yes you can do it. Sex will not harm the baby at any stage during a typical, uncomplicated pregnancy. The baby is protected by strong uterus muscles, amniotic fluid, and a mucus plug that develops around the cervix.
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Question: I am 11weeks pregnant, can i participate in sex?
Answer: Hi dear, it's always better to check with doc... If you don't have any issue in your previous or current pregnancy then it is fine.. Basically doctors advised not to have sex for sometime..
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Question: 8 weeks pregnant shall I participate sex
Answer: Hello.. No dear, it is not safe, you can have intercourse after first trimester, if you have any pain or bleeding after that, please consult doctor
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