14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii,i am 14weeks pregnant mother.. according to my gynaec i did my NT Scan and Double Marker Test.My Scan report is gud bt in my double marker test, it is written as low risk.n my doctor told me,ur report is in border line of risk due to age factor. So i am little worried about it.. So please tell me whether it is normal or not.. please do reply

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Answer: Don't worry even if it is on a border line if you are what you do you can go for amniocentesis it will help
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Question: I had my NT scan in 13 weeks 3 days, when I asked her about the next scan, she said it is not required? Why does it so?
Answer: From.18 to 21 week there is anomoly scan to be done which is in the 5 month plz ask dr to the sacn
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Question: Hi, I am 14 weeks pregnant. Doctor told I have low lying placenta and suggested 2 weeks rest. Is it normal and will it be fine. Please reply
Answer: Yes dear it will be fine... Low lying placenta means your placenta is down to your cervix covering it completely. You need to rest more... Stand little and sit with giving support to your back ddont seat straight. Taking rest can cure your problem soon... Don't get tensed.. Eat healthy and stay safe and healthy.
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Question: In my 12 weeks NT scan impression is High PI value in the doctus venosus and mild fetal tachycardia. Fetas heart rate is 178b/m.They advised double marker test it is negative. Is my baby in safe condition?
Answer: Hi dear, Standard results for the double marker test Low-risk (“screen-negative”) is considered a “normal” result and means that there's a low probability of your baby having chromosomal abnormalities. Don't worry. Go to see your gynecologist. Everything is gonna be alright
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