34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.i have breathing problem is it normal in this time

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Answer: Hi dear, I also faced the same issue and I know it is really hard. In the first trimester, increased levels of progesterone may make breathing a bit difficult at times as your body adjusts to new hormonal levels.few tips to ease it. Try to keep an upright posture. This will help you to cope with back ache too, so it's worth making the effort. To give your lungs a bit more space, you could try standing upright and holding your hands above your head while taking deep breaths. Light exercise, such as walking or swimming may make you feel a bit puffed out when you're doing it, but can help you to feel less breathless overall. Gentle exercise means still being able to hold a conversation while exerting yourself.
Answer: Han 34 week me breating problem normal he .
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Question: I have breathing problem during night time. Is it normal
Answer: Hi dear, Feeling breathlessness is a common concern in pregnancy.initial stages of pregnancy breathless ness is due to hormone progesterone.which changes the way your body us d to absorb oxygen.later stages,growth of baby can press and put pressure on diaphragm there by problem in breathing.not to worry and try to stay calm.divert your mind.
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Question: I have breathing problem is it normal when sleeping
Answer: Hello dear. The cause for shortness of breath is progesterone, a hormone that increases during pregnancy. High progesterone levels cause pregnant women to breathe faster. The rise in progesterone begins early in pregnancy, and the shortness of breath it causes. Usually it's nothing to be concerned about, but it's best to check with your doctor, since lots of things can cause shortness of breath. Take care.
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Question: Can i use vikus in nose in night because i have breathing problem during this time.
Answer: Hello! You can apply Vick's on your nose, there is no problem. But consult the doctor, if you are facing this problem from quite some time now. Take care
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