29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hii..from 2 days i am feeling extremely less baby movement . Is there any problem pls tell.

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Answer: Hi dear no it's all because of the babies direction and also maybe the baby is sleeping so don't worry it happens sometimes. Take care 💝
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Question: From last 2 days i am feeling less fetal movement, what to do ? Is there any issue?
Answer: Hi, Slight variation in baby movements during the day is normal as it depends on many factors like obesity, your movements,fetal position,fetal sleep,bright light, loud noise,strong smell etc. Till the time it is regular nothing to worry Incase of sudden fluctuations in movement it is best to consult your doctor. Try flashing a torch on your tummy or listening to music or even talking to your baby to encourage movement monitor the baby movements.Minimum requirement is of 10 kicks in 12 hours. In case of no improvement do consult your doctor immediately
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Question: Hello, I am 7 month pregnant..last two days i am feeling less baby movement...is there any problem
Answer: No dear there is no problem.. Its because your baby is now getting bigger and sleeping more and doing less activity.. Don't worry if you feel it irregularly..
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Question: I can't feel any movement of baby from 2 days. ..Is there any problem. ..pls reply
Answer: Hello dear, try eating something sweet or drink something cold or hot...and lie down quietly... You'll definitely notice your baby moving... However even after doing this you don't feel any movement then please go to the doctor...
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