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Question: Hii frnds.....I m also in 37 week . My left breast is paining very much. Is it normal. Please tell if somone have also same pain..

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Answer: HEY DEAR I hope you know that your body is going through harmonal changes and it will show in someway. Yes, I too had the breast pain problem and its common. Thats why sometimes one breast is smaller and other is bigger in shape and sometimes milk comes from one but not from the other. There is nothing to worry in it. The pain might be one sided because of your duct getting blocked or closed. Relax and use hot water bag. It will be fine.
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    Hajira Khanam190 days ago

    It is normal... I too had same prblm in my pregnancy... But i had pain in two sides... After delivery also I am having pain... But it will decrease slowly

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    Jasarunnisa VA43 days ago

    Pain is normal

Answer: Yah dear ,last week of pregnancy breast pain is common due to hormonal changes thats bcz of increase in prolactin hormone that intiates secreation of milk.i also suffered from breast pain during last weaks of my pregnancy.
Answer: Hi all My newborn baby having a eyes with red colour in the corner... Is it normal?? Looking like blood clot
Answer: Yes breast pain is common during pregnancy ...I had this pain till my 4months
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