25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: High BP problem.. anyone having same issue? Suggest some home remedies guys..Dr said high BP not good for mother n baby too 😅

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Answer: hi dear! so you will need to take tablet lobet but should be taken after consulting with the doctor about it . this is a labetalol which is used in the pregnancy dear. and you will have to restrict salt in the diet dear , no fried food also . and you will have to monitor your bp daily if there is only one reading that is high we dont given medicine but if the readings are consistent that is when tablets are prescribed dear.and major factor is stress. if you can stress less no other better than that . and bp is definately not good for mother and the baby you can have preterm delivery or low birth weight baby dear. take care dear.
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    shree shree939 days ago

    Yes dr i m taking lobet tablet thrice a day but not control my bp its 150/90 always

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    Samyughan939 days ago

    Dis your docotr prescribed any blood test?

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