33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: mje high BP hei milk mei ghee dalkr pi skti hu

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Answer: yaar high bp mein ghee nae lena chahiye
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    Deepa Das1318 days ago


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Question: i m 28weeks pregnant.... kya roj milk mei ghee dalkr pee shkti hu.. koi problem toh nhi.
Answer: For pregnant women, there is a necessity to include Ghee in their dietson a daily basis. 5 to 8 teaspoons offat is the medical recommendation forfat intake in pregnancy, out of which 10% to 12% from Saturated fats are necessary. ... Ghee can be mixed with milk and taken as well. Since it is a healthy source of fat, ghee is often used as a substitute for butter and oil. However, check with your doctor before adding too much ghee to your diet.
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