30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hie i m 29 week pregnant...suffering from itching in vaginal area...even on thighs..wat to do

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Answer: Hi dear, keep the area dry n clean . If dere is some sort of discharge use panty liners and change it tym to tym. Wash intimate area with v wash or some intimate wash to control pH .
Answer: Use vwash it work for itching in vaginal area use it twice daily
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Question: I suffering from itching on whole body what's reason?? I m 32 week pragnant..plz say...
Answer: Hey dear due 2 harmonal changes itching is common in pregnancy so dear Wear loose clothing made from natural fabrics. ...Take an oatmeal bath or use a yogurt skintreatment. ...Use a moisturizer to ...Apply some calamine lotion. U can try coconut oil too nd avoid oily spicy nd junk food take plenty of liquids nd water.take besan add raw milk nd make smooth paste nd apply where u have itching nd leave it its helpful in reducing itching .try it twice a day u ll get relief .take care
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Question: Hiii.. My belly tightens in center only.. And sidewise baby moves.. Wat to do.. Even I m suffering from constipation.. Plz help
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy Dont worry dear its completely normal .because of growth and baby stretch a lot plus lot of things go along with baby like other parts so tightness is all normaldrink a tall glass of water and stay hydrated.move your body to see if a change in positions helps relax your stomach.use a warm water bottle or heat pad, or take a warm bath or shower.drink lots of water and fresh fruit juices to keep yourself hydrated.drink plenty of water. Around 10 glasses nd 3to 4 ltr liquids a day is recommended. advised to go 4 walk nd high-fiber foods, such as fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains nd prune juice s also helpful in constipation
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Question: Hi dr.im suffering from severe headache wat to do dr
Answer: Hey dear due 2 physical changes mild headache s common on pregnancy. So deae first monitor ur bp too bp s akso a reason of headache. Take ginger tea, massage to ur head wit warm mustard oil sleep 8 to 10 hours nd take nap too ..try it if u dint feel relief ask to ur gyno nd taje paracetamol as yr Dr suggest u .
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