37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hie, I'm facing excess bleeding during popping which is not painful but the amount of blood which I loose is very fearful. Just wanted to know is it normal and even I have a lack of blood flow.

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Answer: Blood is from anus or vagina? It may be water break if from vagina. There is few liters of amniotic fluid (blood like, watery) which comes out b4 delivery. Don't worry. See ur doctor.
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Question: Hello i just wanted to know is eating maida safe or not during pregnancy
Answer: Maida is usually not recommended but little quantity once a while is okay bcoz it tends to cause constipation .. but is not recommended on daily basis.. instead wheat flour which has fibres in it will be helpful
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Question: I am at third week of pregnancy and i am facing excess of white 💧 flow... M very much tensed, is this normal?
Answer: White discharges during pregnancy is normal until it doesn't have a foul smell.. don't worry just keep your area clean.
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Question: My nipples are bleeding because of which it is very painful for me during breastfeed.. please suggest some remedies
Answer: Hello dear. The only thing that I did which helped me tremendously was while taking a shower taking luke warm water in a mug adding dettol in it placed ur palm under ur nipple and start pouring that warm water with dettol slowly so that the nipple is soaked in it for few seconds. Do it slowly till 3-4 minutes. Trust me it will help in healing and u will be fine if u do it twice in a day. Just make sure u clean it properly before u feed ur baby. Hope it helps.
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