2 years old baby

Question: Hie der. I have started bleeding in the first week just as it is in menstrual period. The doctor has given me injections but my bleeding has still not stopped. What should I do ? Is something not good with me? i am very tensed

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Answer: Heyy I would suggest you not to waste time and visit your doctor immediately. This can be a possible indication of some serious problems with your preganancy. I too have gone through this so please keep calm.
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    neha176 days ago

    Visit ur gynaecologist.....that can be a seious problem

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    MSMS41 days ago

    Agreed. My sister had the same issue.

Answer: It also happened with me. Then I had miscarriage. First u check that bleeding is having clots or it is only blood coming out . Take care dear
Answer: It can be a serious problem u should visit ur doctor as soon as psbl.
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